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Trust Pilot Reviews about See below to learn why is a scam. Traders, protect yourselves. Trading companies who want to be reviewed by Emmett Moore, don’t do it! He writes shitty 1-star reviews to extort trading companies into paying him thousands for a 5-star review. His credibility is shot.

1 star: Bad

Not the most honest company

Not the most honest company. They write good reviews themselves on their website, but this is not true.

1 star: Bad

Biggest scammer of them all

Biggest scammer of them all. Writes fake reviews about those not willing to pay him. Notice all his positive reviews he has written are for people who are compensating him via “affiliate deal” . He extorts money with blackmail of writing a bad review, if he is not paid. Then if you give him money, he writes a positive review. Scammer

1 star: Bad

This website uses smear tactics of…

This website uses smear tactics of people who run trading rooms and then trys to extort them into giving their trading records. Digs up dirt on peole without any real assessment that is valueable. Tactics are that of trolls. I do not reccomend taking trading room advice from these people.

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